Service Philosophy
If you are looking to improve your production capacity, optimize the quality of the most product, and design a new heating solution, we are happy to help you.
Our professional technical team can effectively help you reduce development costs.
Shorten development time, make new products different, safer, more durable, more efficient, and increase your return on investment.
We are working hard to develop new high-quality products; better quality consulting services; and careful sales of stone-selling services.
After-sales Service
  • 01
    Arrive to the on-site service within 24 hours after receiving your notice. Our company is responsible for repairing and replacing during the warranty period. Do business with integrity.
  • 02
    Product implementation standards: national production standards: GDR3836.1~3-2000, and received the explosion-proof certificate, certificate number: GYB12.1056X; production license, certificate number: XK06-014-01259; (Note: there are many companies Speaking of the implementation of the standard, but no certificate).
  • 03
    New product development information: We are applying for UL system registration and product certification to the US Security Testing Laboratory Company and Shanghai Representative Office, and selling our electric heater products to Europe, North America and Asia.
Quality Assurance Ability
  • 01
    It has passed the IS09001:2000 quality system certification once, and the quality management system constructed and implemented meets the standards: GDR/T1 9001-2000-IS09001:2000.
  • 02
    The product has passed the 2000V high voltage test, the water pressure is 2.5~17Mpa, and the insulation resistance is >50-1000M.
  • 03
    Products are undertaken by China Pacific Insurance Company
  • 04
    China Classification Society Marine Product Certificate.
  • 05
    National-level explosion-proof certificate: GYB12.1056X.
  • 06
    It complies with the relevant standards of the American Factory Joint Research Association and the PTB German Institute of Physics and Technology.