Solar auxiliary electric heater
Functional Characteristics Specification Parameter
  • 1. Fast heating, no temperature dead angle, high thermal efficiency.
    2. The safety performance is reliable, and all electrical requirements are designed according to the explosion-proof standard.
    3. Easy to install and maintain.
  • Rated voltage:220V、380V
    Explosion-proof grade:ExdⅡBT1-4
    Temperature control method:Automatic temperature control
    Temperature control accuracy:±1℃

A solar water heater auxiliary electric heater. The utility model comprises an inner cylinder, an outer casing, an electric heating pipe, a temperature controller and a rubber base. The outer diameter of the inner cylinder is the same as the outer diameter of the vacuum tube on the solar water heater, the inner cylinder is a thin-walled tubular body, the electric heating tube is arranged in the inner cylinder, and the inner cylinder is positioned at On the rubber base, the rubber base is respectively matched with the inner cylinder and the outer casing, and the temperature controller is disposed on the outer wall of the inner cylinder, and the polyurethane inner self-foaming molding insulation layer is between the inner cylinder and the outer casing. The utility model can ensure that the ordinary solar water heater can be used normally in rainy or winter days.