Explosion-Proof Electric Heater
Explosion-Proof Electric Heater
Oil storage tank electric heater
Functional Characteristics Specification Parameter
  • The pumping type is small in size and fast in heat transfer.
    The medium heats up quickly, the heat loss is small, and the energy saving is remarkable.
  • Rated voltage:220V、380V
    Explosion-proof grade:ExdⅡBT1-4
    Temperature control method:Automatic temperature control
    Temperature control accuracy:±1℃

The pump-out electric heater is mainly suitable for heating various viscous media in the storage tank, so that it can be smoothly extracted by the pump after being locally thinned. Advantages of pump-out electric heater: only local heating of the medium to be pumped, strong operability, fast hot start, low electric load, no need to heat all the inner quality of the whole tank, changing the medium in the tank The traditional way of heating up for a long time waiting for the oiling operation is to use a pattern of how much oil is heated.