Post Degree Number of persons Address Details
Electric heater engineer Undergraduate 2人 Hangzhou Deployment
Post responsibility
1. Mechanical design and process design of electric heaters;
2. Provide technical support for procurement and manufacturing.
3. Track production progress and solve technical problems in the production process.
4. Under the leadership of the project manager, complete the specific work of technology research and development and complete the design and preparation of product drawings and related documents.
5. Participate in the review of new products
6. Participate in the processing and resolution of quality problems raised by customers
7. Give technical support to the sales department
Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, mechanical manufacturing, mechatronics, mechanical automation or related majors;
2. More than three years of relevant professional work experience;
3. Familiar with GB3836 and ATEX explosion-proof standards;
3. Understand the relevant design and process of pressure vessels, pipelines and steel structures;
4, skilled in the application of CAD, Solidworks and other software;
5, have a certain level of English literacy;
6. Good team awareness and execution ability.
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