Electric heating tube (tubular)
Functional Characteristics Specification Parameter
  • 1, with good thermal efficiency, even heat
    2, high temperature, corrosion resistance
    3, with good security
  • Rated voltage:220V、380V
    Explosion-proof grade:ExdⅡBT1-4
    Temperature control method:Automatic temperature control
    Temperature control accuracy:±1℃

Industrial high-performance electric heating tube The company selects high-quality domestic thick-walled seamless stainless steel tube, imported high-temperature magnesium oxide powder and sealing material from the United States, so that the electric heating tube can withstand temperature up to 900 °C, and the electric heating tube will not be damaged after dry dehydration. And the atmosphere is used to protect the blackened mesh belt furnace through the high temperature nitriding treatment process of 1060 °C, which improves the high temperature and corrosion resistance of the electric heating tube and ensures the service life.