Circulating electric heater
Functional Characteristics Specification Parameter
  • Applications:
    It is used for the heating of fluid media in oilfields, refineries, chemical plants and other industries.
    Various water heating, including water heating in civil washrooms and industrial process water heating.
    Heating of hydrocarbons, including heat transfer oil, fuel oil, asphalt, paraffin, and the like.
    Gas heating, including H2, N2 and various inert gas and organic gas mixtures.
    Heating of the washing machine and the ice melting tank, including NaOH solution and various detergents.
    The heating of the air is suitable for a certain pressure, some powder drying, chemical process and spray drying.
    Heating of superheated steam.
  • Rated voltage:220V、380V
    Explosion-proof grade:ExdⅡBT1-4
    Temperature control method:Automatic temperature control
    Temperature control accuracy:±1℃

At the end of the heater, the pump is used to pump the fluid into the heating chamber. After heating, it flows out at the other end of the heater. It is a kind of heating method that is forcedly circulated by the pump. Compared with the traditional heating method, the energy saving is remarkable, and the process science is It is easy to install and use and has obvious economic benefits.